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More and better water for Gaza's citizens - German funded water reservoir inaugurated

05.02.2018 - Pressemitteilung

Germany has been very actively improving the water supply for the people in Gaza. The German Representative Peter Beerwerth and the Head of Palestinian Water Authority Minister Mazen Ghunaim and inaugurated the newly build Civil Defense Water Reservoir in Gaza City that will serve 250,000 residents in the South-Western part of the City.

The Civil Defense Reservoir was built within the framework of the programme for the reconstruction of water infrastructure which was funded by Germany with 9 million EUR. The water from the new reservoir replaces water from wells in the area that had become unfit for human consumption due to high saline levels. The new reservoir also receives water from the Israeli water company Mekorot under the Palestinian-Israeli water agreements for Gaza.
The German Government funded the project through its development bank KfW. It was im-plemented by the Central Municipalities Water Utility in cooperation with the Palestinian Water Authority. The project also included a new booster station and several kilometers of new water pipelines.

Germany has been funding water and waste water projects in Gaza in an amount exceeding 100 million EUR in order to ease the severe water crisis in Gaza. These projects also include the new Gaza Central Waste Water Treatment Plant that will serve large parts of Gaza City and the Middle Area. The plant is scheduled to be completed in 2019.

For further information, please contact:

German Representative Office in Ramallah
Laura-Louise Scheller, Spokesperson, Tel.: +972 2 297 7648 – e-mail: pr-1@rama.diplo.de. For more information on the German Representative Office see http://ramallah.diplo.de.

KfW - German Development Bank
Raghad Shanti, Office Manager, Tel.: +972 2 2400730 – e-mail: Raghad.shanti@kfw.de. For more information about KfW Development Bank see http://www.kfw-entwicklungsbank.de.

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